A careful listening to your needs is at the base of the good execution of your projects.

AVANE MULTIMÉDIAS society is specialized in the Council, the Study & the Realization of transportation audio-visual.

This means the ability to listen to your needs, to design the architecture of the network, and the realization of it by deploying the technology best suited to your comfort of use.

Our operational engineering expertise focuses on 3 skill levels:


- Drawing Office
- Drafting of PHTC – CCAP
- Pre-sales support
- Audit of sites
- Conduct of work with reporting
- Definition of needs with prerequisites


- MABLR, BIS switched, COFDM, QAM networks: fibre, coaxial
- IPTV networks: fibre, copier, coaxial
- Dynamic signage
- Business center
- Audio-Visual home automation
- Sound of spaces
- Visios-conferences


- Deployment heads of networks MABLR, BIS switched, COFDM, QAM: fiber, coaxial
- Deploying IPTV networks: fibre, copier, coaxial
- Dynamic signage, display screens
- Walls of images
- Business center
- Audio-Visual home automatio
- Sound of spaces



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